Study Materials and Supplies for Preparation for the Student

The Math Club Official Pencils
Have your own "famous pencils" for home! In The Math Club we have the tradition of the "famous pencil" that was used the most by the most student, being famous of course! The pencils are manufactured in the US from California Incense-Cedar wood harvested in California. They hold up well to student use and are usually not lost that easily!

Math Fact Exercise Sheets
Select from a large resource of customized exercise sheets for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fraction manipulation. Please contact me for more details for the costumized program that could beneit your student. My math fact exercise sheets are customized to the area(s) that a student needs help and has a built-in incentive program that each parent can use to collaborate with their student.

The Math Club Water Bottle
Have your own stainless steel water bottle with carrying case and sports cap. The logo on the water bottle shows 1000 digits of the math constant "Pi". Many of The Math Club students use the water bottle to memorize the diigts of "Pi"!

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