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Mathematical Olympiad Contest Preparation - 2018-2019
For Elementary and Middle School Students
Contest Preparation - Applied Mathematics Challenge - 2019

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The Math Club Schedule for Fall Math - 2018!
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The Math Club accepts students year round with
customized "catch-up" materials/plans developed.

Tutoring is available by appointment.

The Math Club: Fall and Winter Math! - Mathematical Olympiad Contest Preparation - 2018-2019

Start with the Class Schedule page to review and decide on the class session that you want to attend.

The registration forms in Adobe PDF format for the 2018-2019 sessions can be downloaded from:

The Math Club: Welcome and Introduction Letter 2018-2019 (New!)

The Math Club: Invitation 2018-2019 (New!)

The Math Club: Mathematical Olympiad Sessions - Program Summary Information 2018-2019 (New!)

The Math Club: Fall Math ­ Term-I ­ Registration Form ­ Mathematical Olympiad Session 2018-2019 (New!)

The Math Club: Winter Math ­ Term-II ­ Registration Form ­ Mathematical Olympiad Session 2018-2019 (New!)

The Math Club - Spring Math! - Applied Mathematics Challenge Contest - 2018!

The Math Club: Invitation Letter to the Applied Mathematics Challenge - 2018

The Math Club: Spring Special Topics - Term-III ­ Registration Form ­ Applied Mathematics Challenge Session 2018

The Math Club: Summer Math 2018!
- Algebra ~ In the Spirit of How Numbers Behave
- Pre-Algebra / Algebra-I
- Algebra-II / Geometry

The Math Club: Summer Algebra and Geometry Classes - 2018

The Math Club - General Information and Downloads

MIT - ALUMNI LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE - ALC Draws MIT Enthusiasts for Fun, Learning - September 2008
Joe Quigley was invited to speak on a panel session at the Alumni Leadership Conference's sessions on the K-12 Initiative.

2008 MIT - ALC HIGHLIGHTS - Alumni Promote Hands-on Science and Math - September 2008
Excerpt about Joe Quigley from the MIT-ALC conference:
When Joe Quigley ME '86, president of Quigley Scientific Corporation, began the Math Club in Lexington, MA, 12 years ago, he borrowed his initial materials from the Mathematical Olympiad. That makes sense since the club's focus is to help third through eight grade students have fun and prepare for the annual Mathematical Olympiad Contest and the Applied Mathematics Challenge Contest. His goal is for students to achieve a perfect score-and his students have been remarkably successful. Some 11 percent of all the U.S. Math Olympiad perfect scores come from his Math Club students. "Kids learn from one another," he says. "I group third through fifth graders together. Peer group interaction is awesome."

Boston Globe - "Math wizard develops young apprentices in Lexington - Consultant creates mathematic minds" By Diana Brown, Globe Correspondent  |  September 22, 2005
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The Math Club in the Lexington news - July 8, 2004

The Math Club - Video Introduction
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Download: Application for the Fall Math - 2018!

Now accepting applications for The Math Club classes.
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