Applied Mathematics Challenge - 2018

"Labora Diligenter. Labora Perite. Comproba!" ­ J. J. Quigley

The Applied Mathematics Challenge is a new contest offering for the advanced math student. Once a student has mastered math contest problems that were originated for the quick answers or at most five or six minute solution times, the Applied Mathematics Challenge offers the student the next level of research oriented experience in a competitive contest. I have designed this "new" contest, now in it's thirteenth year, to be a wonderful expereince to finish up the academic year in The Math Club program.

To register your school team or individual student, send an email to

Accepting Applications for the 2017-2018 Contest Year

"Work hard. Work smart. Check your answers!" ­ J. Quigley
"Labora Diligenter. Labora Perite. Comproba!"
­ J. Quigley

About the artist, Emily Pittore...

Emily Pittore is a former Math Olympiad student of Mr. Joe Quigley. She won the Lenchner Award for a perfect score on the Math Olympiad in 2001. When she artfully created this coin for the Applied Mathematics Challenge contest in the Summer of 2006, she was then a senior at Lexington High School. Emily has since gratuated from MIT. Many thanks to Emily for her wonderful work!

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